BAD SHOT FIXES » Thin & Fat Culprit 3

Thin & fat shots are no fun and a frustrating part of the learning process. The good news is that you won’t have to endure these dreaded shots much longer. Let’s examine the top culprits:

Culprit No.3 Improper Sequence

Don’t get too fast with your hips on the downswing. This is still my nemesis. However, I am much better than my early days. I spend lots of time working on this with my golf professional.

Hands should be in front of my hips, not trailing behind! Unless I do some fancy maneuvers, this ball is going to be thin and travel right!

SOLUTION: GET IN SEQUENCE with the L-to-L Drill to groove a better sequence.

Focus on creating an L on your backswing and on your through-swing. Creating an L-to-L swing allows for the swing’s natural sequence, producing solid shots! And as a bonus, you’ll generate tremendous clubhead speed for lots more distance!