Thin & fat shots are no fun and a frustrating part of the learning process. The good news is that you won’t have to endure these dreaded shots much longer. Let’s examine the top culprits:

Culprit No.1 Head Gets Ahead

If your head gets ahead of the ball through impact, you’re done.

If your head initiates the downswing and gets ahead of the ball, you will top the ball. This means you will hit the top half of the ball sending it…well…not very far down the fairway.

Culprit No.2 Poor Impact

DON’T LET THE CLUBHEAD WIN THE RACE! Don’t allow the clubhead to win the race, my pro would tell me. The clubhead is ahead of my hands. When the club wins the race, your front wrist will cup, which produces the dreaded scoop-factor!

Anything other than your hands leading the way through impact will not produce the best results, typically FAT shots.

SOLUTION: My hands have beat the club to impact. This is the key to solid strikes. The pros do this so well. We can learn to do this too – with drills, lessons, and practice!

icon_KeyPoint-cropA forward shaft lean is a term used to describe the position of your hands in relation to the clubhead just before impact.

Culprit No.3 Improper Sequence is explored in the next lesson topic!

Struggling with no distance from the fairway? Let’s address the top culprits now.

My mother is great off the tee. The ball’s teed up, and she takes a nice rip at it. Then she gets to the fairway and proceeds to skull it a few times. It must run in the family because I struggle with thin shots from the fairway, as well.

In this lesson, we’ll talk about 3 major culprits that result in thin and fat shots from the fairway and what we need to do to eliminate these from our bag.