On the Fairway » Woods Oh Deer!

In this lesson, we’ll discuss our woods. A love-hate club for many golfers.

I see many women top their woods in an effort to help the ball in the air. Woods are intended to be swept off the turf with little or no divot. Their wider sole and bigger head make it easier to get the club on the ball than an iron. In fact, the 3 wood goes a mile and is perfect for getting off intimidating areas on the course.

I believe women struggle with woods because of the length of the shaft.

It is second in length to your driver, and hitting a driver off the deck is no fun. But with the right set up and execution, you’ll love your woods like I do. Let’s get to the set up now.

The shaft is in line with your sternum. Your ball position should be 2 balls ahead of center to promote a more level strike while maintaining the clubs loft to get that puppy airborne.

The key with your wood is connection. Be sure that you maintain a connection between your upper chest and arm on the takeaway to keep the club on plane with supper soft hands, arms, and shoulders. And on the downswing, stay in your posture and get to a full finish aggressively. I see many women quit on the ball with their woods, a sure way to send it rolling down the fairway.