BAD SHOT FIXES Fairway » Downswing No-No’s

There are 2 areas of the swing that mess with solid contact from the fairway zapping any chance for distance. Let’s examine the top culprits.

Culprit No.1 Downswing No-No’s: Unhinging Too Early

Unhinging your wrists too early in the downswing will lead to power failure and a ball that will not travel very far. Check the tension in your hands, arms or shoulders. Tension will mess with your hinge! Loose is king with your swing!

GOOD ANGLES EQUAL POWER, which deliver the necessary speed for a solid strike. If you release the V too early, you will release all the energy before it reaches the ball. This results in minimal distance. Instead, you need to find the slot to maintain your angles!

Find the Slot: The downswing is initiated with a weight transfer to your front side; a bump shift. Maintaining the L created by this weight transfer to your front side drops your hands into the slot, ready for delivery.

Culprit No.2 Downswing No-No’s: Poor Release

If you hold on to the club through the impact zone, you will resemble this look. I is also known as the “Chicken Wing.” 

To avoid this dreaded look, make sure that you are not tensing-up through the impact zone. Tension makes it easy to lose the connection with your chest and front arm through impact.

Again, tense hands, arms or shoulders will not allow for a good release. Instead, you’ll be holding on for dear life.

  Instead, maintain the connection with your front arm and chest through impact to avoid the Chicken Wing and to get max extension! Drive your front leg into the ground as your hands whip by at max clubhead speed for max extension.


Consistent grip pressure from the start of your swing to the finish will lead to more consistent ball striking.