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Woods in the fairway…not in the woods!

Unfortunately, many women struggle with these longer shafted clubs. I see many women top their woods in an effort to help the ball into the air or, conversely, their angle of attack is too steep in an effort to hit down on the ball. Woods are intended to sweep the ball off the grass with minimal divot. Their wider sole and bigger head are more forgiving, thus easier to hit than irons.

With their inherent unforgiven nature, set up is even more critical with our woods.

The shaft is in line with my hands and sternum – meaning the butt of the club is not pushed forward or back. This set up will maintain the club’s loft and launch the ball high.

The ball should be positioned two balls back from your front heel to encourage a sweep off the grass.

With a solid set up, connection is essential to a solid backswing – as it is with any club. The key with your wood is connection. Be sure that you maintain a connection between your upper chest and arm on the takeaway to keep the club on plane with super soft hands arms and shoulders. I am initiating the turn with my shoulders. There is zero tension in my hands, arms, and shoulders – as indicated by my soft triangle, not rigid.