BAD SHOT FIXES Fairway » Release

We all develop particular tendencies in our swings – good, bad, and downright ugly. My ugly is the release.

I continually battle a lateral slide on the downswing, which sets my sequence out of sync resulting in equal hips and shoulders. So at impact, my shoulders are too open. At this point, it is nearly impossible for me to get a good release.

When I coil well and fire my hips lightning speed while keeping my back to the target, the club has an opportunity to drop in the slot – ready for a good release!

It is critical to transition in sync allowing your hips (legs) to drive the downswing. I didn’t do that here; it was more of a hip and shoulder transition. I’m done, I won’t have time to release.

In this lesson, I share the key points to sequencing the downswing at warp speed.