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Focus on staying in line + a tip for the well-endowed group!

Does your chest get in the way of hitting the ball?

Just because you are well-endowed doesn’t mean you cannot hit a golf ball like your smaller-chested peers. There is a simple solution for large-chested women. There is a solution! At address, don’t stand too upright; instead round off your shoulders. This allows your arms to hang away from your body and in front of your chest, allowing more room to swing freely around those puppies.

Shoulders in line with toes please.
This is a good check point drill to ensure you have a good bend from your hip joints and that you are the correct distance from the ball. Place a shaft down parallel to the target line and sitting under your chin. If your bend is correct with an athletic knee flex, your shoulders should be in line with your toes.

Meet LPGA Teaching Pro Emma!

She shares key points for the well-endowed in this video.

Emma Leonardi is currently the Director of Instruction at Lago Mar Country Club in Plantation, Florida. She is a Class A member of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Division and is also a TPI-certified golf fitness instructor. She played collegiate golf at Florida State University. Upon graduation, Emma played professionally for 5 years. This included the European Ladies Golf Tour, the Futures Tour, and the Gold Coast Tour, where she qualified to play in the Women’s U.S. Open, the British Women’s Open, and the Evian Masters.

After training under Jim McLean at The Jim McLean Golf School at Doral, she took the position as Head Golf Professional at Lago Mar Country Club.  Since 2003, she has also been the Director of Instruction.  She covers every aspect of the game for all levels of golfers, utilizing the latest in high-speed video. Programs offered include individual lessons, corporate clinics, junior camps (winter & summer), junior clinics for ages 5 and up, ladies beginner and intermediate group lessons, and on-course instruction.