How to Align

The first step is to select your target. From there, draw a visual line back to a leaf, old divot, blade of grass (you get the picture) to establish an intermediate target.

It is much easier to aim your clubface at a target directly in front of you, rather than many yards away. Step into the shot with your right foot, aiming the clubface to your intermediate target. When stepping in, keep your body lines behind the ball. Now simply set your left foot into place. Your feet, hips, and shoulders are parallel and left in relation to the target line.


Alignment continues to be a major point of pain for players. I know I am one of them. I am perpetually working on alignment to ensure it stays on track. I believe it falls off the track because our perspective and viewpoint change. We begin to see our misalignment as correct; and we wonder why our ball ends up way right of the flag! Often, players will be off with one of
these body areas. For me, my shoulders tend to move off the track and point left of parallel {open to target}, which produces a left-to-right ball flight.

A simple method my pro taught me is to visualize railroad tracks, where the body is on the inside rail and the ball is on the outside rail. Unless you’re purposely trying to shape a shot, work on a consistent parallel set up, head-to toe. At address, your body lines {feet, knees, hips, forearms, shoulders} should be positioned parallel to the target line.