Alignment Awareness

Alignment Awareness

Many players address the ball with no awareness of the relationship between the ball, their body, and the target. Many players step into the ball with their body first. This is a backward approach. The result will most likely send the ball right for another bogey or double bogey.

3 Main Culprits of Misalignment

Walking in to the ball from the side, not from behind the target line.

Taking a practice swing at address, and then readdressing the ball.

Not selecting a target or an intermediate target to aim the clubface.

icon_KeyPoint-cropAn important point to remember: The ball is on the target line, not your body lines. Test this by standing behind your buddy at set up. She’ll appear as if she is aimed slightly left of the target. It’s an optical illusion created because the ball is on the target line and the body is not.