Hand & Shaft Position

Hand position directly relates to ball position.

With your shorter irons, the ball position is center. Therefore, the ball will lean slightly forward. For your longer irons and woods, the ball is forward of center. Therefore, your hands will be in line with the ball. Your hands stay in the same position, but as the ball position moves forward, the lean of the shaft disappears. So with a driver, the shaft will lean away from the target.

DRIVER & Hand Position

Hands are in line with the shaft to promote an upward strike. Hands set too far forward at set up will deloft the clubface, which will promote a lower ball flight and balls that go nowhere!


HandShaft_WedgeIRONS & Hand Position

With mid-irons such as your 9-6, your hands should be in line with the ball with weight balanced. Hands set too far forward with your mid-irons will deloft the clubface and may promote too much weight on your front side. For your wedges it is okay to forward press for specific shots. However, avoid going beyond your pants/skirts pocket!