Posture » Spine Angle

Focus on Good Posture

I see many women set up to the ball hunched over, back and shoulders rounded, chin pinned to chest, and a butt tucked so deep, I can no longer see it! You cannot swing freely in this set up.

The shaft-to-spine visualization shown is a good method to visualize consistent posture and to maintain that posture through the swing. As you turn into the backswing and down through impact, visualize turning around the shaft without changing the shaft’s angle. This will help you feel the correct spine angle and stay in your posture. Work on this in the mirror to build the connection between what it feels like to be in a good posture set up.

Posture_HipAwarenessWhen I set up to the ball, I bring awareness to my hips to ensure I bend from my hips and not my waist. I feel as though I sit into my hips and confirm this with my right hand during set up.