Around the Green » Chip Set Ups

The key to successful chip shots is a consistent set up.

Follow these key points to get is close:

Set up square for the basic chip shot and more open for a higher ball flight with softer landing.

Arms are relaxed, with slight bend. Set your hands slightly ahead to promote a descending strike.

Narrow stance with quiet legs work best.

Weight favors front side to promote a descending strike for crisp contact.

Ball is positioned according to desired ball flight.


Play with Different Ball Positions

Chips come in all sizes and trajectories. Modify your set up to achieve different results.
 The short game is fun because you can get creative and execute various types of shots by simply adjusting your set up. This keeps shots around the green simple, so we can focus on getting it within that 3-foot circle.

For a mid-trajectory shot, play the ball in the center of your stance.

For a low shot where the ball rolls to the hole, play the ball back in your stance.

For a high, soft shot that has more carry and less roll, play the ball up in your stance.