Around the Green » Alignment

Alignment around the green requires the same principles as tee and fairway shots.

A Square Stance: The key to a successful shot around the green is good alignment. For basic pitches and chips, I like to set up pretty square to the ball. I may open my stance for chips that require more height and a softer landing. The key to success is to always select an intermediate target, such as a leaf or blade of grass that is in line with your landing spot on the green for spot-on alignment.

An Open Stance: An open stance means that your body lines {feet, hips, shoulders} are positioned left of a square set up.  An open stance promotes an out-to-in downswing path, which creates a higher ball flight {trajectory} with stopping power.

An open stance comes in handy when you need stopping power.

To set up open, align left of a square set up; and select the right land spot to accommodate for the left-to-right spin once the ball lands.

Always select a landing area.

As I am setting up for the shot, I am super-focused on my landing area. This is the fun part and creativity of the short game. Your landing spot will be determined by the type of shot you have in mind.