Chip it Close with a Spot

Always select a landing spot for shots around the green.

 SELECT YOUR LANDING SPOT: Depending on your landing spot, choose the appropriate club. My landing target is an area inside the white circle. I am using a sand wedge.

WITH  SOFT HANDS: Initiate the backswing with your shoulders using a smooth and even tempo. This is enough backswing for a 10- to 20-yard chip. Not too fast or jerky; there is no rush. The ball is not going anywhere.

MAINTAIN SMOOTH TEMPO: On the downswing, your only thought should be to hit down on the back of the ball with steady acceleration. It is not a jab. Tempo is key on the downswing as much as the backswing.

DON’T try to scoop or lift the ball. The loft of the club does that all by itself. Instead, hands remain ahead through the shot. When I chip, I feel my hands stay low through the shot. This helps them stay quiet and allows for the loft of the club to do its thing.