Around the Green » Assess the Landing Spot

The goal around the green is the 3-foot circle. The pros get really good around the greens with soft hands, good tempo, selecting the best club, and selecting the landing spot.

Recreational players, on the other hand, typically go for the pin. Unfortunately,  it lands at or near the pin and rolls right on by or if they get lucky… it goes in! But, we can’t rely on luck all the time. So the sure bet is to assess the situation and then select the right spot. To do this, walk up to the green to check out the lay of the land. Then, follow these guidelines:

SPEED OF THE GREENS: Are the greens rolling fast or slow?

CHECK THE SLOPE: Is the green sloping downhill or uphill? Sometimes landing on the fringe is a better choice for a downhill slope.

 HARD OR SOFT: With a softer green, you can be more aggressive and go for the pin. On a harder green, anticipate more roll.

AG_AssessLandSpotShots around the green get real easy when we are disciplined at selecting a landing spot.

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