Around the Green » High & Soft

Get it close with an open stance.

This set up promotes a slight out-to-in downswing path, which promotes a high flight with soft landing.

Select your landing spot. Rarely do you go for the pin. However, if you have an uphill lie, as I do here, I can be aggressive with my landing spot and go for the pin. Uphill lies add loft, meaning the ball will go higher and less distance. The circle is my landing spot.

Set Up: Play the ball in the center or just ahead of center. Set up is slightly open, meaning that my body is lined up left of a square set up.

Hinge It: A steeper backswing with wrist hinge is key. The length of the backswing is determined by the length of the shot. Don’t over-think the backswing. This is a feel shot, so trust your swing!

Hands Low: As I swing up the slope, my hands stay low through impact – letting the loft of the club do the work. My tempo is smooth, and my body is quiet. I am staying in my posture well past impact to ensure I stay in the shot, as indicated by the dotted line on my back. It is the same as from address.


Soft hands are key with these shots to allow the loft of the club to do its job. The tendency is to try and help the ball in the air with your hands.

If you have little green, you’ll need a high, soft shot. Select a sand or lob wedge. These clubs are your higher lofted clubs that make it easy to achieve a higher ball flight with a softer landing…hopefully next to the pin! An open stance simply means your body lines are left of a square set up.