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In this section, we are going to address the DIRECTIONALLY CHALLENGED and DISTANCE CONTROL culprits.

DIRECTIONALLY CHALLENGED: As we move closer to the hole, our target becomes smaller. So it is essential to get really good at direction control. Alignment, takeaway, and the head are the culprits that we’ll explore in this section.

DISTANCE CONTROL: Around the green is critical to getting to the target without the “snowman” affect. In fact, we lose most of our strokes due to poor distance control. We’ll explore the release, club angles, and yardages with wedges to turn that poor into good.

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What’s wrong with this set up for a high & soft shot?

A. I am too close to the ball!

B. I am using the wrong club!

C. I am aimed for the flag!

Answer: I am aimed for the flag! With shots of this nature (high ball flight with soft landing) an open face and open stance places a left-to-right spin on the ball, so when it lands, it rolls right… so aiming left of the flag is the best play.