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Welcome to Your 5 Week Training to Awesome Ball Striking!

Get Ready for AWESOME!

If you want more pars and more GIRs join me in this 5 week swing training. The goal of this training is to improve your ball striking from the fairway. Many struggle with topped, chunked, or offline shots. Let’s change that in this targeted training.

Throughout the training, I’ll be showcasing awesome training aids including my MORE PARS Training Aids. These are optional and the training can be done without them. However, I highly recommend that you get them. Why? Training aids give you feedback, especially if you are not currently working with a golf professional. It give you a focused purpose when practicing and will greatly expedite your learning.

I also recommend that you get coaching during this 5 Week Training. (Head here to learn more about ongoing coaching options).

Even without professional coach help, I have designed this 5 week training for you to be your best coach. This training is for all players of all skill levels. I am giving you the road map. It’s up to you how much time and effort you want to invest in getting more pars.

You ready? Let’s do this!


  • Better ball striking from the Fairway
  • Deeper understanding of how the swing works
  • A clear picture of what you need to focus on to improve
  • Your physical body (vital to better golf swings)
  • Your equipment
  • How and what to practice
  • Discounts on the featured training aids
  • Swing Self-Assessments
  • Resources and Next Steps


  • Direct Coaching with Christina (only if enrolled in remote Coach program)
  • Distraction Free Learning Interface
  • Ad-free videos (not YouTube)
  • Structured Easy to Follow Itinerary
  • Key Swing Essentials with all clubs
  • Guided Practice Sessions
  • Game Assessments
  • Resources and Next Steps

5 Week Itinerary

Christina welcomes you to the 5 Weeks to AWESOME Ball Striking and explains how it will work so you can get the most out of your training.

Christina will share the importance of taking a field trip to Club Champion to get fitted. They have over 90+ locations. They are awesome!

Enjoy Discounts
Email Christina to receive discounts on most featured training aids. These will help you expedite your learning and help to create a more efficient practice session.

Practice Guidelines
Golf is not like riding a bike. It does require focused attention and quality practice. The good news, throughout the course, Christina will guide you step by step with each of your practice sessions.

Direct Coaching Guidelines (recommended)
Head here to enroll in Remote Coaching Program. A great complement with your 5 Weeks to AWESOME Ball Striking training.

Your Equipment Go to club Champion please use code (provided once registered). Clubs are not off the rack. Every player is unique with their own swing and physical characteristics. Not everyone is 5’8 with a swing speed of 90. Get my point. And please make sure you include the putter too!

Your Body
Let’s find out your strengths and limitations so you can bring your best physical self to the course

If you are misaligned, your downswing will change or your ball will simply go where your aiming (not to the target)

Grip Check
The grip controls the clubface, so it needs to be consistently precise. Let’s also assess your grip strength!

Swing Plane
Let’s find out where your hands in relation to the club positioned during the downswing. You’ll learn where they need to be and how to resolve.

Where are your hands in relation to the clubhead at impact? Let’s find out and resolve if not optimal.

Are you releasing the clubhead–squaring the closing–the face? If not you’ll struggle with lots of mishits

Assessing your finish is paramount to a successful golf swing. It keeps your speed elevate and the ball on target.

Submit Your Swing

Using a 7-iron as well as the Straight Stick (if you purchased one), capture your swing from face-on and down-the line. Christina will provide a detailed analysis.

Equipment – Let’s Check Your Club’s Grips
Are your grips (on the shaft) the right fit for your hand. Let’s find out!

Body – Grip Strength and Mobility
Let’s get your hands, wrists and forearms up to par so they can support an awesome grip

Fine Tuning the Grip 
Even as a more experienced player, it’s important to make sure that your grip is in check. I find quite frequently that players are missing a couple key ingredients with their grip which affects the face at impact.

3 Grips to Try 
There are 3 grips that I am going to recommend, Neutral. Strong and Strong +. You’ll experiment with all three to determine which one is best for you.

Grip Pressure
Goldilocks and the 3 grip pressures. You’ll experiment with all three to determine which one is best for you.

Cleaning Your Grips
Clean Grips are happy grips.

Swing Plane Principles
Understanding what the swing plane is and how it relates to swing direction

Alignment Process
Let’s show you how to create a consistent and accurate alignment process.

Setup for Success
Staying on the swing plane begins right at setup.

Golf Posture
Let’s help you to stay in your posture throughout the swing. This is absolutely critical for successful golf swings

Your Body
Let’s get your body up to par so it physically can stay in posture. We’ll focus on shoulders, torso, butt, hips and feet.

Drills to Groove
Great drills for practice so you can stay on plane and in posture.

Why It Matters
An educated golfer is a better golfer. Understanding why you need to get your hands leading and why you must release post impact and into the follow-through.

Wall Drill The best way to FEEL what the golf swing should feel like is to grab a basketball (or soccer ball) and head to an open wall. This is one of the BEST training you can do for your golf swing.

Training at Home
Great drills to help you improve your impact position

Your Head
Your head position plays a key role on your impact position. Let’s make sure yours is behaving.

Drills for the Range
Let’s take it to the range to groove impact and release.

Range to the Course
Now that your groovin’, how do you take all this awesomeness to the course without reverting?

Speed Principles
Understanding how to increase your clubhead speed and when you should not until other things are in place.

Equipment Plays a Key Role
Let’s get you up to speed on the many variables that affect your clubhead speed.

Pressure vs Force
Pressure can be defined as force. The more force a golfer applies into the ground as they begin their golf swing, the more force is reciprocated (Newton’s Third Law) during the downswing. Pressure is the glue that puts the golf positions into action.

Tour Tempo
A great way using sound to groove real tour tempo!

Drills to groove higher speed
Let’s go crazy and then we’ll experiment with tempo percentages so you can learn how to manage your speed.

The Rubberband Effect
Your body is a powerhouse if you know how to USE it. Grab a rubberband or two for this fun session.

Being able to stabilize your body to then deliver the club at warp speed requires and understanding of deceleration.

Your Body
Your body is a powerhouse if you know how to TRAIN it. Let’s incorporate speed training in your workouts.

The Finish
How you finish your golf swing is icing on the cake and often neglected by many.

What’s Next?
Christina provides suggested next steps to keep your momentum going!


On completion, you’ll receive a virtual achievement certificate that you can print and share on social touting your awesomeness!

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