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No Embarrassment Golf Online Workshop for WOMEN

March 5th, Sunday
@10 am - 11:30 am PST
Online Workshop via ZOOM

Do these sound like you..?
  • I don't know how to improve my game and get frustrated.
  • I have fear of being nervous and cannot control it.
  • I see water or my ball in the bunker and panic!
  • I am not clear about swing technique.
  • I get frustrated when I top or chunk the ball.
  • My balls are always going right, why?
If you answered YES to any of these, then this Happy Golf Online Workshop is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

This workshop is Embarrassment FREEso register today and invite a pal!

Let me count the pars…
  1. Stream Christina's Tip of the Weeks
  2. Enjoy exclusive content not posted anywhere else
  3. Get direct coaching with a monthly Swing Analysis!*
  4. Browse more than 8000 hours of tips neatly categorized in targeted categories and series
  5. Workout with Christina with over 50 Golf Fitness workouts - no gym req.
Features include:
  • Native app
  • Resume Watching
  • Create Personal Playlists
  • Ad-Free Viewing
  • Plus, as part of your subscription, you'll have (*after the trial period), an opportunity to submit your swing, chip, bunker, putt or whatever you are struggling with for review by Christina so you know exactly which tips to watch and what to practice.
Monthly & Annual Plan + Gift it!

$23.99/month or $284.99/annual+ includes a 7 day free trial


Come to Camp!

Hosted at top clubs and resorts across the country.


Your camp experience includes direct coaching from Christina. All areas of the game are covered. Each camp includes:
  • Detailed Swing Analysis
  • Assessments & Technique Skills
  • Short Game & Long Game
  • On Course Performance Coaching
  • Plus, Christina takes detailed video of your personal keys in all aspects of the game to ensure retention post-camp.

Attend a More Pars Camp. Christina covers all aspects of the game from sinking more putts to better ball striking. Plus, in most camps you'll head out on the course for on-course coaching. If you want more pars, register today - spots fill fast. If you'd like to host a camp near you, reach out.

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I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing 3 days. I learned a ton and it was so fun. Also today I played 9 holes and I think I shaved 10 stokes off my score! And no 3 putts. It’s very exciting. And what’s more, I now love to practice!!!! So thank you! It was also just fun to watch you in action- you’re the energizer bunny! - Hilary
I feel fantastic about everything I learned over the 4 days!  I have one or two things in each aspect of the game that needed tweaking (or more), and I don’t feel overwhelmed at all.  For me, I feel like I learned how to practice for the next level of play, and I feel excited about it.  I loved the TrackMan. That was eye opening. THANK YOU!! - Brenda
Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful clinic it was very well organized executed and professionally put together.! I am diligently studying the lowers half movement ( which hasn’t been an issue of mine lol) but clearly is now will let you know about my journey and quest to develop an awesome Lower body move. All the best Phil
We had our famous Member Member tournament this weekend and thanks largely in part to my Y Y chipping swing thought courtesy of golf camp, we won our flight (after winning a three way tie chip off to declare the winner), and won a three hole horse race play off to win the WHOLE tournament 🤪 Maria & Kimberly
Amazingly, you taught me how to fade the ball with just 3 swings of my driver. You were diligent, patient, tireless and fun. Cathy and I had a wonderful time at your camp. You are a gift. Stay well. Rocky
A great experience, great feedback, and amazing teaching aides. I look forward to getting the videos. We will help each other out to reinforce the training. I look forward to another camp when I feel I've progressed. Again, thank you. Jo
Broke 80! Well, I finally did it Christina, I shot 79 in the final round of our Senior Club Championship!  The last few years we’ve split our A players into 2 flights.  Being the highest handicap in the group I was in the AA Flight which I ended up winning!  Stephanie
I am SO excited about the changes in my swing…getting my butt cheeks rollin’ on the wall…BOOM BOOM!! I just can’t believe how much better and further I’m hitting the ball. I’m CRUSHING it now. And I know the more I work on this, the better it’s gonna get. It’s absolutely amazing. Thank you thank you!!! Penny
I have taken many lessons (too many) but you are the first one that captured what was going on with my swing, and gave me a simple explanation and the tools to improve it. Not only are you delightful but your knowledge and dedication to each student was quite impressive. - Janet
Shot 71 today at Pinehill. 6 birdies. Told you that you should call your company “More Birdies”. Had only 28 putts. But thanks for everything. I putted so well. Thanks to u. Have never ever made 4 birdies in a row never. Thank u again. Donnie Brenner
We had a wonderful time at your More Pars golf camp.  The way you individualized your coaching to each person's needs and made sure we understood it was outstanding.  I highly recommend the camp to all!  Thanks for making it fun! Thanks much, George and Ellen
I hope you’re doing well! Just wanted to let you know that I qualified for the finals of our club championship handicap flight!! 😳 Clearly the camp and your expert “refinements” helped big time! Thank you and I look forward to join another camp in the future! Maya
Thank you for refining my golf game. I would recommend this for everyone. We as humans are known for having bad habits, and the golf course is not without habits. I have learned how animated I am on the course. Even when I through I was quiet. Can't wait to have clubs refitted and the putters! Thanks again. Stay healthy. Hope to see you again. Sincerely yours, Marcia
Thank you for a wonderful camp experience. The instruction and coaching was much appreciated.  Tuesday, I played my home course. Wow!! I worked on the driver swing and 5 wood. Turning the hips and shoulders keeping the head still works!!!  Looking forward to attending future camps. I’m your lefty golfer.  Best regards, Mary

    Come to Virtual Camp!

    NO FLIGHT OR HOTEL REQUIRED! Enroll in Christina’s virtual online, self-guided camps.

    The Virtual Camps are designed to re-create the live camp experience – you’ll virtually feel like you are in camp. With structured itinerary, welcome gifts shipped to your door, you'll enjoy the full camp experience.

    Plus, as part of your camp experience, you'll have an opportunity to submit your swing, chip, bunker, putt or whatever you're struggling with. Christina will provide a detailed analysis, so you know exactly what to focus on and practice.

    Explore Virtual Camp Packages + Gift it!

    All Virtual Camps with Coaching are $395 each. Choose from 3 Camps! Camp runs for 12 months. Please note, this is a solo camp.


    I really loved the More Pars Virtual Camp. It felt like you were personally there guiding me throughout my learning. For those whom have done in-person camps with you, as I have, I would highly recommend them to “bundle” the in person and virtual camps. This method provided me with a great balance of in-person swing refinement and consistent reinforcement education and practice opportunities!
    Milagros / Puerto Rico

    More Pars Coach

    Get direct coaching from Christina. She can help you identify what's going on with an action plan for improvement.
    5 ways to get remote coaching with Christina:

    1. Enroll in Virtual Camp MPVC - $395 (includes direct coaching guidance, assessments and activities for practice. Plus, 1 Swing Analysis Review every month for 12 months! Additional reviews at discounted camper rate). Please note that this is a solo camp. If you are interested in meeting new pals, come to a live camp! ENROLL IN VIRTUAL CAMP »
    2. Subscribe to Channel MPTV - $284.95/year or $23.99/month Your subscription includes 1 Swing Analysis/month to help you focus on the best tips for you. MPTV is where ALL of Christina's golf tips, special series and golf fitness workouts reside. Check it out with a 7-day free trial. Swing reviews commence after the trial period. SUBSCRIBE TO MPTV »
    3. Get a single Swing Review Analysis ( Face-On & Down-the-Line Views) $125 Tired of that slice, hook or topped shot? Get help now. She will send detailed instructions on how to submit your face-on and down-the-line swings. Once received, Christina will deliver your detailed swing analysis within 2-3 days. GET A SWING REVIEW »
    4. Get LIVE Coaching Help via Zoom (30-45 minutes) $150 The session could be a LIVE analysis of your swing (send swings to her prior to session) or simply answer questions that you have about your game. GET LIVE HELP »
    5. Subscribe to the More Pars Club on Instagram $4.99/month A community where your subscription includes the opportunity to learn from other passionate players as Christina posts members swings (analysis) in the private feed (that includes your swing too!) to learn and ask questions. Subscribe from the App (not desktop browser) DETAILS HERE »
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    LEARN THE GAME WITH STEP BY STEPS! Enroll in Christina’s online self-guided tee to green courses.

    The More Pars Training Courses cover all areas of the game. Each course comes with a 12-month access pass so you can learn at your leisure. Plus, some course include a companion booklet that you can take to the course!

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    Cover to cover photos with easy to follow visuals and cues.

    Christina took up the game in 2000 and dropped to a 5 handicap in five short years. She published her first book A Girl’s On-Course Survival Guide to Golf in 2008 and never looked back. She currently has 30 plus game improvement products

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      Christina Ricci

      About Christina Ricci

      Christina took up the game in 2000 and dropped to a 5 handicap in five short years. She published her first book A Girl’s On-Course Survival Guide to Golf in 2008 and never looked back. Her most recent More Pars books (3) can be found on Amazon or She has a loyal social media following with her Tip of the Weeks featured on and her More Pars YT Channel:

      She also offers More Pars Virtual Camp experiences. All her offerings can be found here on Her (app) is where players can stream all of Christina’s video content (golf and golf-fitness) from any device.

      Her teaching philosophy is student-centered with a focus on fun. She believes that when a player is having fun, they are more engaged in the learning process. She coaches adults of all skill levels.

      She’s been featured on the cover of GolfTips magazine and her popular golf tips are featured on the Golf Channel, and online portals such as as well as and LPGA Women's Network.

      Prior to golf, Christina had her own design firm that helped small to mid-sized companies get better branding. She graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor's degree in Business with a focus on marketing. A past president of Women in the Golf Industry Women in the Golf Industry, and served as a Board member for over five years.

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