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Your First Par Camp is ideal for newer golfers or players coming back to the game after a long break. The Virtual Camps are designed to re-create the live camp experience – you’ll virtually feel like you are in camp. Your Camp Coach is Christina Ricci!

Unlike the live camps which run just a few days, you’ll have the opportunity to receive direct coaching throughout your camp experience. (Head here to learn more about ongoing coaching options). For those that prefer a self-guided experience with no direct coaching, no problem, The choice is yours!

Christina recommends getting the Welcome Kit Starter Pack which includes Your First Par book. Self-Guided Campers receive 15% off. The book mirrors the Structured Itinerary in this program making it easy for you to follow along with the videos and lessons presented throughout camp. Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.



  • Direct Coaching with Christina (only if enrolled in remote Coach program)
  • 15% Discount Welcome Kit Starter Pack!
  • Distraction Free Learning Interface
  • Ad-free videos (not YouTube)
  • Structured Easy to Follow Itinerary
  • Tee to Green Topics
  • Guided Practice Sessions
  • Game Assessments
  • Handy Checklists
  • Resources and Next Steps

Direct Coaching with Christina

Camp Itinerary

Christina welcomes you to camp! She’ll explain how the camp works and how to get the most from your virtual experience.

Live versus Virtual Camp
Christina will share how the camps are the same and how they differ.

Enjoy Discounts
Christina recommends getting Your First Par book. Enjoy a discount depending on your program coach package. The book mirrors the Structured Itinerary in this program making it easy for you to follow along with the videos and lessons presented throughout camp. Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.


Camp Gear
Christina will cover in detail suggested camp gear to get. This gear will help you expedite your learning and help to create a more efficient practice session.

Camp Game Form
To kick-off your Camp, you’ll complete a pre-camp game form so Christina can learn all about you and your game. This form will help Christina guide you with the right focus and suggestions so you can get the most out of your camp experience.

Practice Guidelines
Golf is not like riding a bike. It does require focused attention and quality practice. The good news, Christina will guide you step by step with each of your practice sessions.

Direct Coaching Guidelines
Christina will walk you through how the coaching part of the camp will work. How to capture your swings and what you’ll need to participate in the live coaching.

Find a Local Golf Professional
If you are not receiving direct coaching from Christina, it is highly recommended that you find a local golf professional. Having professional guidance will make your learning process that much more efficient and fun.

Golf Lingo
Golf has its own language. If you are new to the game or even an experienced player, it is good to be crystal clear on all golf lingo.

Mistakes are Good! 
Regardless of skill level, when a new skill set is presented, mistakes and errors are expected. This is how the brain learns to identify what is correct and not correct.

Your First Steps
The first step is to ask yourself the important questions. Why do you play? What are your game goals? Christina will guide you through this important process

No Dumb Questions
As a newer golfer, you probably have a lot of questions. Building confidence in your game begins with getting those questions answered.

What do I need for gear?
What do you need to get started in this great game?

Should I wait to get fitted? 
Christina explains who should get fitted and where to go to get your clubs.

What is the difference between wedges? 
As a newer player, you’ll use the set sand wedge. As you progress, the wedges become very important.

Should I wear a glove on the green? 
Most recreational players keep their glove on. However, ninety-nine percent of touring players take their glove off. Christina explains why.

Does it matter which golf ball I use? 
Yes. Christina explains the bet ball for newer players

Do I need to know all the rules?
Absolutely not. If you encounter a rules situation on the course. Christina provides suggestions to help you navigate the rules and etiquette of the game.

I want to play, but what if I hold others up? 
Playing golf with others, especially strangers, can be intimidating for newer players. Christina sheds light on the situation.

How much time should I allocate for practice?
The answer to this question will guide the amount of practice required to improve your game, as well as the number of lessons with a golf professional or direct coaching sessions with Christina.

Should I do anything specific at the gym for golf?
Absolutely yes. Christina share what to focus on and how to access her extensive More Pars Fitness workouts.

TIP #1 Consistent Routines
A consistent pre-shot and post-shot routine is your pal.

TIP #2 Create Mantras
Confidence begins with a confident swing and personal mantras.

TIP #3 Opportunity
Circles back to mistakes are good!

TIP #4 Focus
Learn when and how to focus so you can get your first par.

TIP #5 Nature’s Bounty
One of the biggest draws of the game.

Bunker Play
Let’s jup in the sand and learn how to splash the ball out.

Let’s Chip & Pitch
Chips are the very short shots just off of the green. A pitch shot is a little further out.

On the Green
Let’s putt into the vacation zone.

Let’s Practice!
To be great with your short game, you’ll need to practice. Christina shows you exactly what to practice.

Grip, Posture and Alignment are the name of the game.

Let’s Swing
It’s time to hit a ball. Yipeee! Christina walks you through step-by-step swing progressions.

Let’s Tee Off
Let’s launch this puppy with on the tee box driver essentials. We’ll cover routines, target, water, driver setup and swing keys.

Fairway Essentials
Let’s get this puppy airborne from the fairway with all the essentials. Learn about divots, the swing’s arc, impact, and lots more.

An Awesome Grip
A proper grip allows the club to hinge and unhinge with ease. An awesome grip also helps to square the face at impact. Many players struggle with maintaining a proper grip. In this section, let’s cover the essentials for a solid grip.

Understanding Posture
In this section, let’s identify the keys for both. Static posture is your address position. Dynamic posture is your swing’s posture in motion. Posture is comprised of bends and tilts (rotation), which keeps the concept of posture simple.

An essential part of the game is getting the ball to the target. How? With great alignment.

Club Setups
In this section, we’ll cover setup with the driver all the way down to the wedge. Setup sets the stage for a successful, effortless swing. As a newer player, your goal is to groove setups from driver to wedge.

What is Swing Plane?
Before we begin our swing progression skills, let’s first understand the swing’s radius.

Takeaway Keys
The takeaway is just that. We are taking the club away from the address position.

Popular Culprits
As you groove your takeaway into the backswing, let’s make you aware of some of things that could go off, so you can stay on track to your first par. I’ll share popular culprits for both the takeaway and backswing, which really are a blend. They are pals.

Structure Begins Here
The first step to creating structure is connection. Connecting the upper arms to the torso provides a solid foundation.

At the Range
Let’s practice your new swing skills at the range!

On the Course
Are you ready to hit the course? Awesome. Christina provides tips to help transfer your range game to the course.

Target & Routine
Nerves are a natural part of the game. The key to success is to occupy the mind with positive and focused attention.

Alignment Process
Let’s show you how to create a consistent and accurate alignment process.

Fear of Water (oh-oh!)
This is very popular amongst players of all skill levels, especially players newer to the game.

Tee Heights
Learn how to tee it up so you can look like a pro.

Driver Setup Keys
A great setup is half of the golf swing. Get this right and you are half way to your first par!

Driver Swing Keys
Let’s launch this puppy and get you confident with your driver swing.

The Swing Arc
The golf swing is an arc. Christina explains why this is important.

Swing Plane
An on-plane swing makes it easy to deliver the club to the ball.

Help Factor (oh-oh!)
This is very popular amongst players of all skill levels, especially players newer to the game.

Steps to Great Impact
The most important part of the golf swing is impact. That’s the point at which the club meets the ball. Getting really good at impact should be one of your primary objectives.

What’s a Divot?
Divots are created when the club enters the turf at its low point. This is a good thing.

Fairway Swing Keys
Let’s get this puppy airborne and get you confident with your driver swing.

Let’s Practice!
To be a great ball striker, you’ll need to practice. Christina shows you exactly what to practice.

What is the Vacation Zone?
As the name implies, a putt inside the vacation zone means no stress. The range is inside 18 inches. It’s so easy that you could tap it in playing a major PGA or LPGA event.

Putting represents more that 50 percent of all your strokes during a round, yet few take the time to get fitted.

What is Lie Angle?
Most putters have a 70˚ lie angle. This is why the putting stroke has to swing on an arc (not straight back and straight through).

Reading the Green
The first step to sinking more putts is reading the green properly. Join Christina as she shares how to read the green for slope, grain and other cool stuff.

Alignment on the Green
Learn how to align your ball and you in relation to the target line.

Putting Grip
The grip for putting is different than the grip used for other parts of your game.

The Setup
A proper setup is half of the putting equation. Learn the keys for success.

The Stroke
The actual stroke is the other half of that equation. Learn the keys for success.

Speed Control
Speed is king on the green. Learn how to control your pace with putts of varying lengths.

Stroke Culprits (Uh-Oh!)
Let’s make sure that you steer clear of these popular stroke culprits.

Groove Tempo
If your tempo changes on every putt, how can you be consistent?

Aim vs Apex?
Learn how to aim on breaking putts.

Groove Short Putts
Get confident with the short putts (inside 6-feet).

Longer Putts
Learn keys for success with longer breaking putts.

Routines on the Green
Do you need a routine on the green? Let’s find out!

Let’s Practice!
To be a great around the green, you’ll need to practice. Christina shows you exactly what to practice.

Chip vs Pitch?
What’s the difference and when to use each.

Chip Technique
Let’s create a capital Y for solid chipping.

Which Club?
This is very popular amongst players of all skill levels, especially players newer to the game. Learn which club to use for your chip shots.

Landing Spot
Once your technique is sound, it’s time to focus on your land spot.

How to Play Dense Rough
Learn how to get the ball out of thick grass.

Low Runner
When you have lots of green between the ball and the flag, let’s play a low running chip shot. This means there is more roll than air-time.

Let’s Practice!
To be a great around the green, you’ll need to practice. Christina shows you exactly what to practice.

What’s a Bounce?
The bounce refers to the area of the golf club beneath the leading edge. It glides through the sand with ease.

Square vs Open
What’s the difference and why it matters.

Bunker Alignment
An open setup is where the body lines are left of a square parallel setup.

Basic Bunker Shot
Learn the steps to splash the ball out with confidence.

How Much Sand?
The ball hitches a ride on the magic carpet made of sand. But how big is that carpet?

Long Greenside
Club selection is key. A sand wedge is not the best choice for this long carry out of the bunker.

Learn how to play the tricky slopes from the sand.

Firm or Wet Sand
The setup and strategy are slightly different when the sand is firm or wet.

Close to the Edge (uh-oh!)
How to escape when the ball is seriously close to the edge.

Other Tough Shots
Learn how to escape the lip, a buried lie and a super high lip.

Fairway Bunker
LThese are the bunkers that you’ll find in the middle of the fairway. This is played differently than a greenside bunker.

Let’s Practice!
To be a great ball striker, you’ll need to practice. Christina shows you exactly what to practice.


On completion, you’ll receive a virtual achievement certificate that you can print and share on social touting your awesomeness!

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