Around the Green

As we move closer to the hole, our target becomes smaller. Because of that, it is essential to get really good from 100 yards and in. Unfortunately, this is an area of the game where many lose the most strokes.

…but not for long!

In this section, I address the main culprits that throw our short shots offline around the green. The short game is an area of the game that gets neglected in practice. The short game is where we score. Many of us can get near the green, but what separates us from the pros is the ability to get up and down. Whether it is a 50-yard pitch or a 20-yard chip, it begins with a good set up.

This section focuses on the elements that need fixin’. So, let’s get fixin’.

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Meet Robyn

Meet Robyn! She is a new golfer with a ton of passion to improve. Christina shares how to set goals and works with Robyn on chipping, from set up to execution.

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