Get a Grip & Posture Check!

It all starts with the Grip followed by Posture.

A neutral grip is a great place to start. We need to avoid the super-strong and weak grips. The mis-matched grip is another major no-no and I see this with women more often than any other grip!

Posture is another piece of the puzzle that tends to get lost under the couch. A poor set-up posture makes it nearly impossible to turn into your backswing.

 I see lots of sloppy grips out there. Let’s turn that slop into awesome! Christina Ricci, a visual learner to the core

Most of us are visual learners. What better way to get your game on track than with a More Pars Grip & Posture, one of the many awesome and personalized features of the More Pars Platform.

Please select your More Pars Coach to get the process started!

I had a blast at the EWGA Boston Spring kick-off.

I got the girls on their feet and we dusted off the winter cobwebs with a focus on the grip and posture. It all begins here. Get these right first for better swings tee to green.