Specialty Shots » Playing in the Sand Divot

Yes, there are those shots that find these craters. No worries. Just think of this shot as a fairway bunker shot, except here you can ground your club.

Your Objective: Strike the ball first {as you should with any shot}, except here it’s a must or bust!

With your weight favoring the front leg at set up, play the ball slightly back of where you normally would for your chosen club. This promotes ball-first contact.

Stay in it to win it. If you peek or lose trust, you will thin or chunk it.

I feel like I am chasing the ball down the fairway to ensure I stay in the shot. The tendency with this situation is to rise out of the shot, which may skull the ball down the fairway.

In this lesson, we’ll discuss set up and execution tips when you find your ball in the sand divot.

Hybrids are a great choice with wide sole, allowing you to pick the ball clean off the sand. I like to use my irons with a focus on striking down and through. The through part is key. Many quit at the ball and wonder why it goes a few yards up the fairway.


So, the next time you are presented with a sand divot, go ahead and try a hybrid. And the next time, try an iron. You can determine which club you prefer with this pesky little shot.