Specialty Shots » Under a Tree


There is an easy way to get under a tree’s limbs. First, you’ll need to keep the ball low and control the three things that elevate a ball’s flight: loft, clubhead speed, and backspin.

This is good news for you girls who don’t like to hit down with your irons. Instead, this will feel more like a long, low chip shot.

Use a 4 or 5 iron. Play the ball farther back in your stance. This will tilt the shaft forward and deloft the club (take the loft out of the iron). So the ball flight will be low.

Make a three-quarter backswing at 50-percent speed. A slower speed reduces the backspin on the ball, which in turn reduces its chances of getting airborne.

On the downswing, you want to feel like you finish lower with your hands – almost like you are making a long chip shot. A lower finish helps keep the ball low.


Sometimes, I’ll even pull out my 3 wood and play the ball back in my stance. The keys with these shots are visualization, trust, and commitment.