Specialty Shots » Over a Tree


Don’t panic. There is an easy way to get over a tree. It starts with a set up very similar to a fade.

One key factor in determining if you should attempt this is your lie. If half the ball or more is sitting on top of the grass, go for it. If only a quarter or less is visible, don’t even try it. Instead, pitch it out with a pitching wedge.

Play the ball farther ahead in your stance as you need the height, and widen your stance just a bit.

Take dead aim at the tree and set your feet, hips, and shoulders slightly open to the target. Aim your body lines left of the target (the tree).

Take your normal swing. Due to your set up, your swing path will be steeper – which is necessary to get the ball airborne quickly.

The success of this shot is commitment—100 percent commitment and focus. Visualize the ball sailing over the tree. Have no doubt, and you will succeed.