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How to hit a DRAW!

Shaping the shot is a part of the game where the pros excel. The good news is that we, too, can master shaping shots! It is all in your set up. Keep in mind that because of the right-to-left spin, the ball tends to go farther. A DRAW is a controlled hook.

A draw is ideal to use on a dog-leg left.

Aim the clubface to your intended target.

Now, close your stance – meaning aim your feet, hips, and shoulders RIGHT of your intended target line.

Tee the ball slightly higher than you normally would {half the ball sitting above the driver is normal} to promote a flatter, more in-to-out swing path.

Now, make your normal swing. Due to your set up, the path of the club will be more in-to-out to promote a right-to-left ball flight.