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Playing into a HEAD WIND

Swing at 70-80 percent of your normal swing speed. The faster you swing, the more backspin you’ll impart on the ball. The more backspin, the higher the ball will fly. Once the ball gets into a head wind, you’re done. The ball will not travel very far.

Play the ball farther back and place a bit more weight on your front foot.

Make a three-quarter swing, like you are trying to keep the ball below a tree branch. Swing easy! The harder you swing, the more spin you’ll place on the ball.

Playing into a CROSS WIND

Play for it. For example, if the wind is blowing right-to-left, then aim more right and let the wind take the ball in.

Playing into a TAIL WIND

It’s great off the tee, but more of a challenge with your approach shots. Good rule of thumb: Don’t be a hero and go for the pin. Instead, if the pin is up, land the ball in front of the green and let the wind roll it to the hole. If the pin is back, go for the front or middle of the green; depending on the size of the green. It is always a safe bet to go for the fat part of the green. Like landing an airplane…the fat part of the green gives you plenty of runway.

A great tip I learned for detecting wind! Thanks Bobby C for this one!