Positions & Body Parts

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To get the most from your practice, head out with a targeted purpose. For example, today, i am going to work of my swing path, ensuring that I strike the inside of the ball…and not the outside. Focused practice will shorten your learning curve, significantly.

TIPS to fix specific body faults

The golf swing is a whole body athletic move. It requires many moving parts to work together as a team. When one body part, falls off the track, the others have to pick up the slack. Let's find out which body part is ailing your golf swing. Get Coach Help!

MORE PARS TIP: How to make it stick

To make a new movement pattern stick, you need to spend time to cognitively rehearse the new move, as well as physically practice. I find that players give up too soon. Your brain--quite literally--needs to time to physically create new neural pathways of this new movement pattern. Bottomline: be patient and rehearse often.

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