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TIPS FOR Success

Golf is a challenging game with lots of surprises in store with each round. The key to success is to embrace this challenge and use smart game strategy and on-point club and set-up technique. By understanding, for example, how to get quick height to get over a very pretty flower bed is paramount for more pars.

golf is a smart game

A significant part of the game is course strategy---when to go for it---and when to play is safe. I believe that's why golf is so popular. It is a game that requires smart thinking. Players like to be smart and enjoy the beauty of success.

MORE PARS TIP: Get Coach Help

The world is not flat and neither are golf courses. Navigating the lay of the land can be overwhelming. So much to remember! The best approach to determine what you should be focusing on with your process and technique is to get coach help. Don't be shy. Let's do this!

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