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Rules of Engagement

To participate in the 60-second FREE Swing Review promotion, you agree to:
  • You must be a YouTube subscriber, Instagram follower , Twitter follower, More Pars Member or Tip of the Week Member or subscriber to participate.
  • Upload a face-on and down the line view of your swing in 1080 full HD format.
  • Make sure your phone camera is set to 1080/60 FPS - do not send slo-mo.
  • Fill frame of camera but make sure I can see all of club and the ball.
  • Have buddy hold camera at chest height AND inline with the hands from both behind and directly face on.
  • Provide details about your current ball flight off the tee and fairway. Example: "My miss off the tee is a weak-right with occasional hook. My miss from the fairway is thin."
  • Christina will provide a 60-second analysis detailing exactly what you should focus on to achieve better ball striking.
  • Reviews completed within 2-3 days.
  • Christina, at her discretion, may share your swing review on social media with a goal of helping others with similar swing scenarios.
  • You will receive a 60-second video + free training space on the COACHNOW app so you can access video at anytime and/or download your video at anytime.

I Have a Question?

  • DO NOT SEND via email. Email compresses video. I cannot provide reviews.
  • Instead, send using: wetransfer.com (free and easy.) Send using this email in wetransfer: hello@christinariccigolf.com
  • iCloud allows full max res videos to be sent, as well.
  • You can also send via dropbox or google drive.

Upload Your Swings Nowusing free service wetransfer.com

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