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BAD SHOT FIXES from the Fairway

In this section, we are going to address the not-so-pretty shots from the fairway – including THIN, FAT, and NO DISTANCE culprits.

THIN & FAT: The fairway leaves little room for error. Topped, chunked, ducked, and worm-burners fill the fairways, but not for long! In this section, we will address the main culprits of these dreaded shots.

NO DISTANCE: Balls that go nowhere from the fairway are quite frustrating. We’ll cover two main areas of culprits: backswing and downswing no-no’s. Our goal is to get you on that green in regulation {GIRs}.

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If your club strikes the ball on the hosel, what is typically the result?

The ball pops straight up in the air, going nowhere.

The ball tends to shoot violently to the right.

The ball curves low left, often landing in the rough.


Answer: A mis-matched set up can send your ball violently to the right. Can you say shankapotomus?