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Clubfitting Defined

Custom clubfitting is not simply buying a set “off the shelf” and going home. It also does not necessarily mean that your clubs will be built from scratch. It does mean that adjustments can be made to that set off the shelf—such as the length, lie, and grip. The goal is to modify the set so it fits YOU, physically and technically.

Golfers who are playing clubs that are properly fit to them are likely to see significant improvement in their consistency and scoring, and generally are less frustrated and have more fun when they play better.
Susan Roll, PGA/LPGA / Carlsbad Golf Center

Terms to Know

Retro-Fit: A player’s current set is measured for things such as lie angle and loft, length, and grip size. Adjustments are made to the current set based on these measurements.

Custom Fit: A complete fitting measures many factors, such as face and launch angle, spin rate, ball speed, attack angle, and club path. These measurements are analyzed with an objective to optimize distance and consistency. From there, the right combination of clubs from major manufacturers are matched for your swing.

Clubfitting is an enigma to most, especially new players. A special thanks to Carlsbad Golf Center.


How do I know if I’m good enough to be custom fit for clubs?

If you have, at a minimum, a somewhat repeatable swing, you can be custom fit for clubs or a putter. Many times people think they have to be a “good” player to deserve custom fit clubs. Actually, it’s the opposite — don’t wait to be “good” because you will play better with custom fit clubs.

A highly skilled player can compensate for poorly fit equipment better than a lesser-skilled player. In fact, it may be the equipment that is holding you back from reaching your potential. Many players see significant improvement in their game with new equipment or adjustments to their existing clubs.

Should I find one that works with multiple brands?

The sales guy said that the X Brand is the only one they carry because it’s the best. A

Yes. It is optimal to find a clubfitter who utilizes multiple brands of clubs so that you can test and compare a variety of options. If you do not get enough choices, you may be compromised in finding the best clubs for your swing. Additionally, it is best to test clubs outside on a driving range so that you can see complete ball flight.

Who should fit you?

Trust only those who are certified clubfitters or PGA and LPGA professionals. These professionals have been trained to collect and analyze data about individual swings and translate the information to proper specifications for customized clubs. It is an added benefit if the clubfitters are also golf instructors, so they can help make sure you have your best swing during a fit. Certified clubfitters have hours of training from major manufacturers on each of their specific products and fitting systems.

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How does the clubfitting process accommodate for that?

My swing can vary from day to day.

Clubfitting is a process that helps to find clubs that make you more consistent, no matter how you are swinging that day. All golfers have good and bad days, but their swing characteristics like swing speed and how they move through the hitting area don’t vary much. Also, most clubfitters have clubs for every type of golfer, so they can build in ultimate forgiveness in the club configuration to help you improve and be more consistent with certain head designs, lofts, and shafts.

How do you fit really short or really tall players?A

Top clubfitters have multiple fitting systems that feature a variety of shafts in standard length as well as longer and shorter than standard length. A vast majority of golfers fit within a two-inch range on shafts, but ask your local clubfitter about their capabilities when you schedule your appointment.

I am a left-handed player. Can I be fitted?

It has become less of a challenge for lefties to find clubs to test and compare, as most manufacturer fitting systems now include left-handed options. When you call to schedule your clubfitting session, be sure to let them know you are left-handed and confirm they have a variety of options for you to test.

Clubs Steel versus graphite?

The benefit of graphite shafts is that they are lighter, so you can swing them faster. Graphite is a good idea for any of the distance clubs—drivers, woods, and long hybrids. Graphite is also a good idea if you have a slow swing speed. Graphite also offers a softer feel and less contact vibration. Steel shafts are better for faster swing speeds and for the accuracy clubs such as irons and particularly wedges.

How many wedges should I carry in my bag?

Most golfers carry three to four wedges, which are designated by numbers for degrees of loft or with letters signifying Pitching, Gap/Approach, Sand and Lob wedges. Wedges typically come in lofts from 45 to 64 degrees and you want about 4 to 5 degrees between your various wedges. Your clubfitter can work with you to determine the best combination of wedges so as not to have any “gaps” in your range of distances. Wedges can usually be purchased individually or as part of your iron set.

QCan you help me determine what changes would help me?

I think my putter could be better.

You should not have to adjust your putting stance and posture to accommodate your putter. Rather, your putter should be fit to your stance and posture. A clubfitter should check your stance and set up with your current putter, as well as your grip. It is important to determine the right grip fit for your hands, as size and style can affect hand tension and how you hold the putter. Some people find success simply with a grip change, including trying an over-sized grip. Other common putter alterations include cut-downs, lengthening, adding weight, etc., to improve overall feel particular for you.


 How long does a fitting session take?

A custom fitting session can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the number and type of clubs for which you are being fit. When you schedule your appointment with your local clubfitter, inquire how much time to allocate for your fitting. Additionally, you should arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment so you have ample time to warm up.

Aren’t custom fit clubs more expensive?

Contrary to popular belief, it does NOT cost more to have clubs that are fit to you. If you are on a tight budget, simply relay this information to the clubfitter. Top fitters custom fit many brands and price ranges of equipment for men and women. Saving money on clubs is never a good reason to play the wrong equipment. Having clubs that are specifically fit to your unique, individual swing should help you hit the ball farther, straighter and more consistently…worth every penny!

FindClubfitterShould I bring my existing clubs to a fitting session?

Yes. Your existing clubs will give your clubfitter a baseline with which to compare the new clubs you are testing. This will help you understand the difference between older and newer technology. Additionally, top fitters look at your existing clubs to determine their trade-in value toward your new purchase.

How do I find a local clubfitter?

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