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Aghhhhhh…there is nothing worse than topping your woods in the fairway.

Duffed shots are pretty embarrassing, as well. The worm-burners, too. My job is to get you on your way to solid and far away from the above aghhhhhs, pronto.

So, let’s get you solid, long, and on the green in regulation!

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Faults & Fixes with Karen!

More Pars Fitness Coach Karen Palacios-Jansen shows you an exercise to increase mobility in the spine as well as strengthen core muscles.

Fault » Lack of Spinal Mobility
Fix » Plank with Rotation

Fault: It becomes important for keeping the spine mobile and helping to reduce stiffness in the lower and middle back. This mobility is crucial to the golfer, not only to maintain proper posture throughout your swing but to allow the body to move smoothly through all rotational ranges of motion.

Fix: This exercise will not only help you develop mobility in your spine, but in the torso, shoulder, hips, and neck.

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Faults & Fixes with Karen
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