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Golf is brutal with our mind. It literally has no mercy.

It doesn’t matter what you do off the course, how powerful you are, how confident you are, or how good you are at tennis. Golf is the ultimate challenge, which I believe is one of its major draws and why many say it is an addictive sport. And it is! It tests you on every level and when you rise to the occasion…bliss…pure bliss. So let’s go get that bliss now!


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Lightning can strike as far as ___ miles?

Lightning can strike as far as 5 miles

Lightning can strike as far as 2 miles

Lightning can strike as far as 10 miles

Wind, Rain, & Snow Playlist

For this tip of the week, I thought I’d have a little fun and play in the snow. For those who live in colder climates, you’ll empathize. Once golf is in your blood, going an entire winter without hitting a ball is simply not an option…well for me, anyway. So, when the temps get reasonable, I head out…rain, snow or shine.