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CoverandSpread_BSF-AGIt’s time to kiss those bogeys and double bogeys goodbye. Let’s simplify shots around the green. Explore lots of fun topics to get you on the fast track to better execution of shots around the green. Many of the topics revolve around set-ups and the art of the execution for all sorts of shots we are presented with during a round. Getting really good around the green is key for your game. Get good here and watch your handicap and the ball drop to unprecedented levels of low numbers. Our goal is to kiss the bogeys, doubles and triples goodbye and seal them with a KISS so lets get to it!

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Around the Green Overview

The pros are amazing players in my book. They all strike the ball – beautifully. What separates the pros from those who consistently finish in the Top 10 is the short game and the space between the ears – the mental part of the game.

The good news for us recreational players is that everyone goes through nerves, jitters, bad swing days, and shots that don’t behave. But here is where the difference lies between pros and amateurs: The pros spend 80 percent of their time working on the short game and putting. Amateurs spend 90 percent of their time banging balls. Case closed.

Have a Listen

These dang chunky-monkeys mess up my outfit!

There is nothing worse than getting around the green on a Par 4 in two shots and then proceeding to get a snowman {an 8}! You skull the first pitch, chunk the second chip into the back rough, and then proceed to chili-dip the next chip. Let’s stop the pain now with better set-ups and executions.

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Wedges & Yardages

Key points for successful wedges from 100 yards and in. Grab your rangefinder for this one.