Snowmen & Heros

 CM_ThinkLikePro4Avoid the snowman.

Here’s the deal when we get into trouble: The goal is to get out in one shot. Don’t compound the issue with mistake after mistake.

GET OUT IN ONE SHOT. Don’t compound the issue with mistake after mistake. Avoid the snowman.

DON’T BE A HERO. Go for it only if you can make the shot 8 out of 10 times.
However, sometimes the real fun in golf IS going for it. So if you are not in a tournament and just playing casual golf, explore your limits! If you don’t, you’ll never know what you are capable of!

IF YOU ARE HAVING ONE OF THOSE DAYS, just stick with it and stay in the present. You will have the best chance at turning your game around. It happens to all of us. Golf is just that way. Not every day will be a glorious round. Heck, that’s what keeps us coming back round after round!

In this lesson, you’ll learn what pros actually think about when they are on the course.

Your Homework: Watch the pros on television. Pay attention to their pre-shot routines. You’ll begin to see a consistent pattern, such as a focus on the wind, target, and club selection. Watch what they do between shots; many chat and yuck-it-up.