Course Management » Avoid the Fog

Eat right to avoid the fog.

How many of you get to hole number 10 and suddenly feel the fog roll in?
Golf requires loads of energy. It not only is a highly demanding sport, physically. It also requires loads of mental stamina. I eat throughout the round to keep my energy stable. A handful of nuts is a great choice. They are a great filler and high in ANTIOXIDANTS and PROTEIN!


AVOID THE GLORIFIED CANDY BARS! Watch out for super-high carbs with minimal protein. It will spike your sugar levels, followed by a crash. Also, avoid nasty sugars such as corn syrup and bad oils such as palm kernel oil. Let’s not forget all those chemicals, too.


Meet Mama!

She shares what’s in her lunch box. Mama and I make our own sandwiches. So we know exactly what type of bread and meats go into our sandwich. For example, most cold cuts are loaded with salt and preservatives. This will zap your power, not add to it.
Mama clocks 120 rounds a summer!