Golf is awesome!

It is even more awesome with:

  • Fitted equipment
  • Professional golf instruction
  • Practice (home, range or course)
  • Golf fitness & mobility
  • Basic knowledge of the rules & etiquette
  • A positive attitude
  • Great outfits and golf accessories 🙂

I began my golf journey in 2000. At the time, I lived in Miami and had a marketing business. Being self-employed afforded me the time to dedicate to my golf game. I soon realized that my passion was golf, so I married my two passions: marketing and golf. The result was my first book. A Girl’s On-Course Survival Guide to Golf. It was marketed to women and I published it as an amateur. It was my journey from a new golfer to a 5-handicap in five years. After the launch of my More Pars YouTube channel, my market opened up to all players.

Amateur to Professional
After many requests for in-person lessons, I decided to take the plunge and get certified as a golf professional. Many years later, I am now a PGA and LPGA Class A Member, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI): Golf Level 3, Power Level 2 & Fitness Level 2 Coach, as well as a Level Two Crossfit Trainer. With the knowledge of a fitness trainer, I can better train my students for golf.

Body/Swing Connection
I am firm believer in the body/swing connection. Our bodies are the most important factor to effortless golf. Knowing what your body can and cannot do is really the first step to great golf. For example, if your current instructor is asking you to perform a certain position and you cannot physically do it, then it becomes a frustrating experience—for you and the instructor. It’s important to train your body for golf. The golf swing takes under two seconds. It requires super fast muscle firing to achieve speed off the clubface. Focus first on mobility, followed by strength, and then speed.

Get Fitted!
Followed by the body, equipment is the next very important variable to enjoyable golf. I am still amazed when I meet female students for the first time and they pull out steel shafted clubs handed down by their husbands! (Seriously, husbands: Stop This, ha ha!)Your intentions are awesome, but you are not benefitting your wife. Get her properly fitted, so she will have the best chance for success. And same goes for you!

Perseverance, Patience and Practice
The three Ps are the foundation of golf. There are many games within golf and there is no shot that is ever the same. This game requires all three Ps to optimize lasting enjoyment. And always remember that golf is just a game. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Seriously! I tried this and it doesn’t work. The other thing that I tried over and over again was looking for the short cuts. There are no shortcuts with the exception of finding a golf professional that speaks your language. That truly is the best short cut to effortless golf.

More Pars Camps!
My More Pars Camps provide the opportunity to personally tailor my instruction for all skill levels. My camps are open to men and women. They are typically limited to small class sizes of six for lots of personal attention. I host across the country at great clubs and resorts, adding locations all the time. I cover all aspects of the game from sinking more putts to better ball striking. Plus, we head out on the course for on-course coaching.

Please visit:
https://www.christinariccigolf.com for my current camp schedule.