Distance from Ball


Drop a Ball to Determine Correct Distance from the Ball

Check your distance from the ball to ensure your eyes are directly over or just inside the target line.
How to Check: Drop a ball from your eye to the ground. If it lands anywhere inside the ball or just at it, you’re good to go. Otherwise, check your set up. You are either too close or too far from the ball.

Any tension promoting set ups will send your ball in every direction but in the hole, such as a “flared out, crunched over” or “super-tall-locked-knees-rigid-arms” posture. Instead, get comfortable over your putt. I like a slight bend in my arms and knees with the putter shaft inline with my forearms. A posture that is relaxed and connected promote a smooth stroke. And for the short ones, in lieu of the “mammoth backstroke then jamming on the brakes” stroke, I like a short backstroke. I hold my finish, which helps me stay in the shot and keeps the putter face on target longer for more rolls in the hole.