Poor Alignment

Our bodies are very smart.

They know when we are misaligned and will do whatever it takes to get that ball back on target. Unfortunately, the result is not often pretty.

Our target is smaller, so precision is key.
It is critical to ensure your alignment is spot on around the green. I always walk up to the green and check the lay of the land. My objective while up there is to select the best landing spot for my ball. I can see a ridge that will send my ball downhill left to tight. So I’ll land it just on the ridge and let the slope take the ball to the hole.

I like to take practice swings at the ball for shots AG. It is a great way to feel the shot to determine the length of the pitch stroke. I am visualizing the ball landing on my spot as I am making these swings. I am continually focusing on the spot as I execute the shot.

So the next time your around the green, pay attention to your alignment and landing spots for more pars.