Line & Speed » Wrist Play

Solid contact is a critical component for consistent rolls.

Too much wrist play can wreak havoc on contact and distance control.

Your wrists play a quiet role in the putting stroke; very different than the other shots in the game. A quiet wristless stroke gives us the best opportunity to make solid contact with the putterhead.
Tension in your hands, arms or shoulders will mess with your tempo and lead to active wrists!

Don’t force square. Let the putterhead release, naturally.

DRILL TO TRY: Putt with your right hand only. Feel the weight of the putterhead as it releases to the hole. This is a great method to get feel into your putting stroke!


Mirror your back and through stroke.

The putting stroke is shoulders and arms working together as one piece. Keep your hands quiet through the stroke. A good method of regulating distance for the longer putts is to mirror your backstroke and forward stroke with consistent tempo. Tempo is key, especially under pressure. Find your rhythm and keep it with you—always.
icon_DOCommit to holding your putting finish for three seconds without peeking. Instead, listen for the drop!