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BPF_LineSpeed_ReadReading the Green

The first step to good putting is getting the right read, the right line. The grain and type of grass influence the way the ball rolls. Before you set up to your putt, keep these simple rules in mind:

GREENS GET SLOWER: The greens are typically quicker early in the day, as the greens are just cut; and roll slower toward the end of the day, as the grass has grown throughout the day.

WATER AFFECTS THE GRAIN: The ball tends to break toward bodies of water. So if there is a lake, expect the ball to break that way.

CHECK THE CUP: Look for the brown shaggy side; the direction the grain is growing. If you are putting with the grain, your putt will roll faster; and against the grain, slower.

WIND AFFECTS ROLL: Believe it or not, wind plays a role, especially a strong wind. The ball is light, so if it is a gusty day and you are putting into the wind, expect the ball to roll slower, and vice versa.

Rain plays a role on the roll as well. If the green is wet from moisture, the ball will roll slower. Vice versa, if the greens are dry and firm, the ball will tend to roll more quickly.