Tip of the Week 74 » Overclubbing Effect


Christina Ricci’s Tip of the Week
No. 74

The Overclubbing Affect
with a splash of fear


In this Tip of the Week, I am playing a pretty straight-forward Par 3. I have 134 to the pin. Let’s see which club I select and why.

Here’s the deal with overclubbing: For many players, this hole is intimidating. The tendency is to immediately zone in on the trouble in front of the green. And with that fear, you are faced with selecting the safe club to ensure that you do not enter the trouble area. Unfortunately, overclubbing by grabbing your driver is not a wise choice. Your focus is already on the trouble. So no matter what club you choose, you’ll most likely end up in the trouble.

A better approach is to narrow your focus on the target and play the number. What is your 134 club? Keep in mind that you’ll need to carry the ball 120 yards to clear the trouble. So do select the right club. By focusing on the target, the trouble becomes a non-event and will give you the best chance for par without the fear-factor.

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