Tip of the Week 486 » TRAIN SMART WITH HACK MOTION (clubface control)


(clubface control)


If you want more pars, but struggle with solid contact, let’s focus on your clubface at impact. Is it open, square, closed? And what controls the face? Your grip, wrists and body pivot. Often referred to as match-ups. In this episode, I introduce Hack Motion. A smart way to REALLY know what your wrists are actually doing at addresss top of the swing and most importantly, at impact. Hack Motion is worn like a wrist watch and pairs easily with the app to give you all the intel. It’s time to get impact solid.

USE THIS CODE for $30 off: moreparsgolf and head here to get yours. https://hackmotion.com/products-comparison/
TIP: If you are a golf fanatic and love diving deep get the Pro version. All other payers get the Player version.

So let's get to it!

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