Tip of the Week 434 » SWING ARC 101 let’s dive deep for that baby draw

Christina Ricci's Tip of the Week
No. 434


(let’s dive deep for that baby draw)


If you want more pars and that baby draw, but instead struggle from less than solid shots off the tee and fairway, let's take a close look at what the swing arc is and how that affects swing direction. From there, we’ll tackle the culprits that stand in the way of swinging in-to-out for that draw ball flight), including backswing, downswing and the release. Players really struggle with the “swing direction” concept..but not for long. I explain (in detail) what it is and why you’re roadblocking your chances for a baby draw. Understanding conceptually is a big deal.

So let's get to it!
Three books covering every aspect of the game. Each book is a whopping 400 pages. Each book features my signature full color, cover-to-cover YES/NOs, STEP 1-2-3's with relatable feels and cues.

The Long Game and Short Game duo is perfect for the avid or experienced players. Your First Par is perfect for the newer player or the player struggling to get out of the 100's. Your First Par replaces the Pink Book which is now out of print and the duo set replaces all my other editions with the exception of MORE PARS Power book.

It was important for me to bring to you fresh books that reflect modern coaching, which is what I share in my videos, lessons and camps. Thanks to its portable size, this book can be used on and off the course.

For men and women looking to get more pars!
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