Tip of the Week 395 » UNDERSTANDING THE RELEASE featuring GEARS GOLF

Christina Ricci's Tip of the Week
No. 395


EP. 4 of 4 featuring GEARS GOLF


If you want more pars, let’s make you are well-educated player with the help of Michael Neff, the founder of GEARS GOLF (3D optical system).

In this episode 4, Michael and Christina dive deep into how the release works. Many players really struggle conceptually and physically with releasing the club. Understanding the golf swing from this perspective will really answer a lot of your questions AND shed light on what the Pros do so well (that you can groove too).

In a nutshell, video (2D) is like an x-ray. GEARS GOLF is like an MRI for your golf swing.

ABOUT THIS 4-PART SERIES In this multi-part series (4), we cover the non-negotiables of the golf swing by comparing Touring Pros versus the Average Player. GEARS GOLF is a fun way to really see what the heck is going on and provides incredible insight for you to explore in your own golf swing. These are snippets from my MORE PARS Virtual Camp (which was amazing). Get access to all the recorded sessions at MorePars.tv

So let's get to it!

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