Tip of the Week 36 » The Takeaway


Christina Ricci’s Tip of the Week
No. 36

essential key points


A solid set-up is the first step to solid shots from the fairway. As you address the ball, ensure that you are bending from your hip joints with an athletic knee flex and that your shoulders are in line with your toes.

The takeaway is initiated by your hands, arms and shoulders working together as one unit. I am maintaining contact with my front arm and upper chest as I take the club away, this allows my hands to stay close to my body and the clubhead to remain outside my hands. Half way back, my club is parallel to the target line and the connection still intact with my front arm and upper chest.

As I continue to turn, this connection remains intact.

Common tendencies include: • A disconnection from my front arm and upper chest. This typically causes our hands to travel too far from our bodies. • A shut face half way back where the clubface is pointing to the ground, typically sending balls left. • A flying elbow at the top of the backswing, which also screams disconnection during the takeaway. • Dragging the club too inside is also a no-no and typically results in a swing plane that is too flat, where my arm line sits below my shoulder line. It can also shut the clubface.

So work on a more connected takeaway for more solid shots from the fairway.

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