Tip of the Week 323 » #StayHomeChallenge Day 5

Christina Ricci’s Tip of the Week
No. 323

#StayHomeChallenge Fore Golfers
Day 5


POST YOUR STAY HOME PRACTICE TAG #moreparsfitness and #stayhomechallenge #stayhomeforegolfers

If you want more pars, join me in the #stayhomechallenge where I bring my More Pars Camp to you with golf tips + essential at-home fitness tips (for any age). If we are going to eradicate this covid_19, then we need to stay home, but that doesn’t mean sit on the couch. Instead, let’s get loss of posture during the backswing and early extension during the downswing outta the bag with a few helpful outside garden accessories. Plus, head to the mat to do some chest presses with a splash of explosive power that may surprise you. So, let’s get to it.

So let’s get to it!

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