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Christina Ricci’s Tip of the Week
No. 25

Drill for Topped Shots
and no distance


Many players struggle with shots from the fairway. That’s a fact. Topped or fat, bad shots from the fairway are a frustrating experience. A top culprit is the disconnect syndrome. Disconnection translates to minimal turn, back and through. Instead, our arms take over, which sends us on wild ride to nowhere.

In this Tip of the Week, let’s address these dang worm-burners with a great drill. Grab your headcover for this one.

Grab your head cover and place it under the offending arm that is causing the disconnect. If you are not sure which arm is the culprit, then try both.

Take a few practice swings to get comfortable with the new feeling you will most likely have. Then make your normal swing. I suggest beginning with half swing using a PW. I do this drill often, so I have a 7-iron in hand. The goal of course is to maintain that club cover under your arm… back and through.

Placing the club cover under your back arm helps correct the fake turn, elevator move and ‘high & armsy’ syndrome.

Placing the club cover under your front arm helps correct the chicken wing or the dreaded duck hooks caused by the down and across swing path.

So let’s get to it!

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