Tip of the Week 21 » Wedge Trajectory


Christina Ricci’s Tip of the Week
No. 21

Wedge Trajectory
high or low?


High or Low? Vary your finish to get it close There are many options to get the ball close.

Oftentimes, you can explore landing it in front of the green and let it roll up, or go for a higher trajectory and land it closer to the pin. In this week’s tip of the week, we’ll do just that.

For a lower trajectory, try a PW, 9-iron, or 7-iron. Tempo is key with these shots. If you get too quick, the ball will shoot off the face and travel past the pin.

For a higher trajectory, try your Gap, Sand or Lob Wedge. Make a bigger swing to carry the ball to its landing spot. Expect less roll. A smooth tempo with a complete finish is critical with this shot.

So get creative and have some fun from 100 yards and in by varying your trajectory!

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